Love the Pocket? Let's make this neighbourhood even better. Tell us how. This survey was created to follow up on suggestions we received from neighbours at the Pocket Community Association's (PCA) AGM. ................................................................................................................. Now it's your turn to tell us what you'd like to see happen in the Pocket. This is a short 9-question survey about the Pocket. Hit enter, then scroll down and the questions will light up as you work through them. And thanks!
The PCA sponsors a number of neighbourhood events including Art in the Park, the Pocket party, Movie nights in the park, etc. Should we continue to organize and promote these neighbourhood events? (10 = Yes, totally 0 = Not at all)

The Pocket Safety Committee has been working hard on ensuring road safety in the Pocket. This includes distributing signs encouraging traffic to go slow, and working with the city on speed limits and traffic calming measures. Should this work continue? (10 = Yes, totally 0 = Not at all)

Should the PCA explore ways to help the Pocket become Canada's 1st carbon neutral neighbourhood?

Energy conservation is the simplest and most cost-effective way to cut carbon pollution. The retrofit of our homes is a critical first step to reduce our energy consumption. This includes: adding better insulation, improving heating and cooling systems, purchasing high-efficiency appliances, installing new windows, plugging air leaks, and setting up alternative water-heating installations, to name a few! Federal, provincial and municipal grants and programs have helped individual homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient but Community-based solutions can have a greater impact for less money than individual steps. The Pocket’s Energy & Environment Committee is discussing methods to convert our houses and to promote living sustainably—without reliance on fossil fuels. A feasibility study, which will help determine how to make the Pocket a carbon-neutral neighbourhood, is where we hope to start. (10 = Yes, totally 0 = Not at all)
Phin Park and the events planned there give children and families lots to do. Do you think the Pocket needs to do more to engage teens? If so, how should we do it?

Phin Park is so awesome. How can we make it even better?

Should the PCA's work include helping to build an inclusive, diverse community? How can we do this?

Since 2015, the PCA has worked to have an artist spend a portion of the summer in Phin Park providing art lessons and activities to the community. Applications for funding are in progress. We'd like to know which of these applies to you:

Now that you've thought about different options for our neighbourhood, tell us what aspects of our community are most important to you:

The Annual Pocket Party is a neighbourhood tradition - a large gathering that runs all afternoon and is comprised of a variety of events, activities, and getting to know your neighbours! We'd like to hear from you - did you attend the party this year and/or in previous years? If yes, what did you enjoy? If no, how can we make the party more inviting?

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